Papillon Oil Paintings

Having a love for Papillon dogs, which I have owned and was breeding for several years. I was surprised to find out that no one was painting this breed, so I  started to set about filling the void.

It was easy at first as I turned to my own dogs for inspiration. So they turn up in several of my first Papillon pictures.

From this came many commission’s some of which were from the top breeders of Papillon world. This is a subject that I hold dear to me and I have always enjoyed setting about a new Papillon painting, so they are always welcome!!!

CH Serenglade Satanya For Temelora - Click For Close Ups

Bluejays Papillons - Click For Close Ups

Caswell Carminetta - Click For Close Up's

Caswell Coppelita

Caswell Copper Tiger

Kingshaven Jessica

Papillon & Rose


Serenglade Papillons - Click For Close Up's

2 Responses to “Papillon Oil Paintings”

  1. Dear David, I remember you showing your papillons at S.W.Pap many years ago. I have a copy of the centre of Linda Greenslades big painting and Ringlands Bright Morning which I think are very beautiful paintings. Do you still do the prints? And how much do you charge for a comission? My original bitch Simply Sophia at Serenglade was litter sister to the red & white boy Frankie in Linda’s picture with her father Bobby and half sister Lucky.
    Michelle Osborne Tykkydewas Papillons

  2. Hi Michelle
    Believe it or not I’v only just found your quiry , if you contact me at , it will be easier

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